Ramen Girl (ramen_girl) wrote in bad_service,
Ramen Girl

Is this bad customer service?

I found a set of vintage dishes on eBay that I wanted to buy and the auction is set up as a "Buy it Now" auction. The seller didn't have a shipping price listed, so I e-mailed him three days ago asking him if he could please give me a shipping estimate before I bid. I gave him my zip code and everything he needs to calculate that estimate. I'm guessing that shipping will be about $10-$15 – I just didn't want to bid and then have the seller tell me that the shipping was going to be something outrageous like $100. It's been 3 days and he still hasn't contacted me. I e-mailed him again yesterday and asked for the weight of the package and his zip code so I can calculate the estimate myself. He hasn't responded to that e-mail either. This sucks because I was fully prepared to buy his dishes (provided that the shipping cost was reasonable), but he can't be bothered to respond to my e-mails. The auction ends in a few hours - I guess that this guy just doesn't want my money. When I sell stuff on eBay, I always try to respond to any inquires from potential bidders ASAP and I always check my e-mail at least once a day in case anyone has any questions. I guess that this seller doesn't do that.
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