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Civic Video... grrrrr...

So I was feeling bored and lonely after work on Saturday night and went to Civic Video, wandered around, grabbed some DVD's, and went up to pay for them.

The two kids on the counter beeped my card, looked up my account, and said I had a $24.00 fine and had to pay at least half of it back or they wouldn't let me rent.

Uh... what? I remember the fine in question... because I paid it back just over 2 years ago. I remember, because they were rather pissy about it at the time and sent me nasty letters from their collection agency. If I hadn't paid the fine back, they'd have got the repo man in which, obviously, did not happen.

But they apparently have no record of me paying this fine. I distinctly remember doing it. Mum remembers me doing it. I have actually rented DVD's with them at least once SINCE, because they have my new address at [new address] listed, and at the time I had the fines, I was living at [old address].

As far as I'm concerned, the fuckers (the company, or possibly the woman who accepted the fine money, not the kids on counter Saturday) have pretty much stolen twenty dollars from me. And I have no receipt or anything two and a half years on, I have NO proof that I paid those fucking fines.

Of course, I didn't want to make life hard for the kids behind the counter, who were probably still in primary school when this happened :p I just put my DVD's back, smiled, said I'd sort it out, and walked out. I have absolutely no way of redressing this issue, it's my word against Civic's, and I'm furious.

Yeah, I suck for not having a receipt (to be honest, I can't remember if I got one or not at the time, but even if I did, I'd have no idea where to find it now.)

And I'm sure I've rented there since this issue... though we're talking about a year ago. I can't possibly have used anyone else's card or account except my own, so there's no mixup there.

And I am NOT paying that fine twice.
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