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I called 911 to report my ex-husband was outside. At 2am. I gave them my correct address, slowly and clearly. She said they would send a officer out. The officer who responded, parked WAY down the street, allowing the ex to get away. Earlier, my car was broken into, but they didn't take anything, because I guess the alarm went off and scared them.

Argh! Say Mr. Officer, ya think you can look at your screen and not get the house at the end of the block mixed up with my house? Not that hard to know where to go, when I told the operator I live above the Beauty Shop. Thanks. This is the ex who IMed me and told me I should be killed. Yes, I have so much hope for my Fort Worth Police Department.


Edit to add:: the officer admitted to me he had pulled up to the wrong house. And while he was pulling up, the ex took off anyway, so no matter if he did get to my house, the ex bolted.
He came back RIGHT after the cops left, so we chased him down and he didn't come back. I sent a offline message to him on yahoo telling him to leave me alone. If he doesn't, then I will talk to his uncle. They are arabic, so he might listen to his uncle. :-/

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