Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I spent a good portion of this summer in San Francisco. Getting out there was hell, but no one's particular fault- just sucky travel stuff. Getting back, though... my flight was at 10pm or thereabouts. When I called the shuttle company to arrange beign picked up, they aske dif I would like to be picked up at 8, and I said I'd prefer 7:30- I'm paranoid about being late, especially since I had a computer with me, so extra screening at some airports, and I'd never flown out of SFO before, so I didn't know.

So first of all, the shuttle didn't show up until 7:45. Fine, whatever, still more than 2 hours until my flight. But I was only the first person to be picked up! Fine. I'm sure we'll get there in time.

We couldn't find the other hotels.

Then the driver parked somewhere he wasn't allowed to, and had to move and it took twice as long as it should have to pick up the last patrons. So by then it was about 8:30 and I was starting to get nervous, but I was really trying not to say anything. The other passengers were chatting and I was paying attention to where he was going. He made 2 1/2 loops through downtown San Francisco before getting on 101 NORTH. As in, towards the Golden Gate Bridge. I spoke up, saying that SFO is south. I mean, I didn't want to interfere but HELLO shouldn't he know what highway to get onto?!

So then we finally got to the airport at nearly 9pm. Only a little more than an hour til my flight! So he goes into International Arrivals. WTF. Then he goes to International Departures, saying he's not allowed to go into Domestic Departures. Why, you might ask? Because he was was mistaken. Another driver told him to circle. At this point I would rather have gotten out there and run downstairs- it would've taken less time. So he circles again. To Domestic ARRIVALS. Again, another van driver yelled at him, but rather than waiting, the other remainign passenger and I jumped out and demanded our bags because it was past 9:00 and we had flights in an hour. Oh, and I almsot forgot- in one or the other of those trips, he hit another van, from another company, and the driver came running up yelling. The other passegner and I were really freaking out, we just wanted our bags and to leave.

And then, once inside, the girl at the ticket counter processed boarding passes for me from SFO to Newark, and then from Newark to Dulles. But for some reason, she only tagged my bags to go to Newark. Then once at Dulles, I couldn't find them, and had to go through all sorts of shit with "Your bags were never on that flight" until she figured out the girl at SFO had fucked up. So, hours later, I finally got a call taht they had arrived. I went to get them and they weren't with the lost baggage or anything. I combed the entire freaking baggage claim area (and at Dulles, it's huge) until I found my bags, sitting in a corner where no one could see them. Cause that's just genius.

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