bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

I think I may have gotten someone into some serious trouble, and feel kind of bad about that. However, this person had it coming.

I was crossing the street to get back to my office after lunch today. I am in the middle of the cross walk as the light changes from red to green. There's a guy driving a van with the logo of one of our hospitals on it, whom I am right in front of as the light turns green. Instead of waiting for me to finish crossing the street, he stomps on the gas and accelerates towards me! I honestly don't know what he expected me to do because wasn't suddenly going to miraculously sprout a pair of wings! He stops short of hitting me, then starts cursing at me. Well, I assume he was cursing at me even though the window was closed because his mouth was going a mile a minute. I swore at him because he nearly hit me and said, "where would you like me to go, I am in the middle of the street in a crosswalk!" He heads around the corner and up the street towards the local hospital. I was smart enough to at least remember the number on the van.

I get back to my office and am so upset about nearly getting mowed down by this hospital transport employee, that I decide to call and make a formal complaint. After being bounced from their police department (who apologized) to another department (who also apologized), I finally got the right person. She also apologized, took down all the information, and told me she had enough to identify who was driving the van (I also gave a description and he was wearing a baseball hat) and she would certainly address it with the driver.

The only reason I decided to complain was this guy clearly saw me, and gunned the van as the light turned, as if he was pissed I was in his way when the light turned green, then started swearing at me. Some definite anger management issues there. I was afraid that next time he might actually hit someone.

Rule of the road--if you are going to drive like an a-hole, don't do it in a company van that can easily be identified.
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