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Not really bad service, but annoying

It bugs me when I go someplace and wait in line, and I'm never acknowledged by the staff. (This happened today at Subway, for instance). I'm a very visual person due to a hearing impairment, and looking at someone, and perhaps a smile and/or nod, would do a lot to make me feel like you know I'm there and appreciate my business. Yet they won't even look at me at all, much less look sympathetic that I have to wait a long time to just get a minute to make one little sandwich (I have simple orders). Far too many places do this and it bugs me.

I also find it irritating when the person in front of me orders, gets their food made, the clerk starts to look at me to ask me what I want, and all of a sudden they pull out a paper and go "Oh, and soandso wants..." and BAM! Clerk once again forgets all about me and no longer acts like I'm even there even when he or she just asked me what I wanted. This happened 2-3 times with just one person right in front of me in the line earlier this week and I came extremely close to walking out of the place since they apparently no longer wanted my business. Perhaps next time this happens I will simply slightly raise my voice and say "Excuse me, but you're making the wrong sandwich, I ordered (blah)". If they don't start making the order correctly, I'll say "I guess you don't want my business" and walk out. You asked me what I wanted, you took my order, somebody who already ordered and got their food goes to the end of the line. I don't like linejumpers.
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