a rhinestone in the rough (pixiebitch) wrote in bad_service,
a rhinestone in the rough

So we have had the same mailman since I can remember... which is a while since I remember him coming around when I was a kid. Throughout the 19 or so years we have lived in our house, this guy has always been pretty damn incompetent.

He is unable to keep a regular schedule (the mail will arrive anywhere between 2 and 6 on a normal day, sometimes later), he's incapable of delivering the mail into the proper mailboxes, regardless of if we repaint the numbers onto it so there is no question about what our house number is and what mailbox is ours, and he has squashed our mail on almost a daily basis, regardless if there are 20 pieces of mail or 2.

But the other day took the cake. My mom ordered a used textbook for my sister online. The book was soft cover, and on the larger side as far as textbooks go. It arrived in a white envelope that clearly stated on the front in about a 30 point black font "DO NOT BEND" being that it would damage the book, and more importantly the CDROM that came with it.

So our idiot of a mailman takes it upon himself to fold the book in half and shoves it into our mailbox, smashing everything else that was in there in the process. Mom went to the post office, envelope in hand, and complained to the manager. It looks like something will be done, being that the manager borrowed the envelope from her to make a photocopy of it.

The manager was talking to my mom about how they aren't supposed to leave any packages on the door or anywhere else either. If we aren't home, they're supposed to leave the little paper saying there is a package for us and it will be waiting at the post office. We have not once, in all the years of living in our house, gotten one of these. Our mailman leaves packages he can't shove into the mailbox at the front door if no one is home... against policy apparently.

This guy needs to be fired.
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