creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Super (STUPID) Store...

I hit the Super Store shortly after 9 this morning when they opened. I grabbed my cleaning supplies and a few other odds and ends. I headed for a cashier. Now I know I had over 12 items so I didn't even bother looking for an open express.

I see a light on and a cashier is just about done with her current customer. I load up my stuff and the belt would not stop! My stuff was piling into the other customers stuff and the lady's stuff behind me was piling into mine! I tried to block the censor and that would not work! Finally the cashier sees the mess and shuts off the belt. Fine! She asks how many bags I want and I tell her two. She scans my items and I had 3 coupons for 3 items and two gas coupons from filling up. Yeah a total of 5 coupons and by her attitude it was the end of the world! She snorted & huffed & puffed while scanning them. I almost busted a gut laughing because it was just so stupid! I kept thinking "why do you work here if you hate the work?". So after she scanned the coupons she told me the total so I handed her my debit card. Well holy shit! You would have thought I up and slapped her! She glared at me while snatching the card out of my hand..(again huffing & puffing)..leaned over and grabbed the handset and swiped the card! I just looked at her and said "Sorry, I thought you might need to swipe it thru the cash register." She mumbled something but I didn't hear it or care. I just bagged my stuff and left. As I walked away I silently wished every asshole that comes in that store gets her today!
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