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Security work...

Ok so you hire a 23 year old guy to be a security guard at the Childrens Hospital in Calgary. I assume the guy has to take some sort of training to become a security guard? He applies for the job and gets hired to protect the workplace at the hospial. What does he do? He decides its in his best interest to steal over $10,000.00 worth of games,xboxes,computers...etc that was donated for sick & dying children. He also decides that "Lost & Found" is his own personal free-for-the-taking store. WAY TO GO DUDE!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!

Seeing your fucking ugly mug on the front page of the paper and on page 3 is really something! I bet your parents are just so fucking proud low life piece of shit!

I'm wondering if he will be employee of the month?

Here is the story link..
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