stah_chica (stah_chica) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service or Customers Suck?

Today's mission: Be nice. Keep my cool no matter how much someone is pissing me off.

What inspired this mission? I got pretty bitchy with a receptionist that was getting snippy with me.

I was calling locations for work and asked for the contact we had on file.
Receptionist says okay and transfers me to one of those automated things that asks you to dial the extension of the person you want to reach and to dial by name. Hmm.. okay, not what I was looking for but I have a first and last name so I start dialing, it doesn't recognize the name which could be because of a typo on our part so I hang up and call back. I get the same woman and the convo goes like this:

Me: Lacking patience today, obviously.
BR: Bitchy Receptionist

Me: Hi, I just called and was looking for Ms So-and-So and I got transferred to an automated system instead, would you be able to transfer me?

BR: Hold on.

BR: *after a couple seconds of holding she comes back on* Ms So-and-So no longer works here.

Side Note: The company that So-and-So worked for is inside a larger company. This company usually deals with food service but that's not always the case so I'm kind of at a loss as to which department to go through from here. (Asking for the company by name doesn't work because most people wouldn't know the company by name. For those of you that are familiar with Aramark, it's that kind of a company.)

Me: Hmm. Okay, is there a food service department?

BR: We don't have a food service, we have a catering department.

Me: Okay. Well, would you happen to know if that's the department Ms So-and-So used to work in?


Me: O_o .... I understand that she doesn't work there anymore, I was just wondering if you knew if that's the department she *used* to work in. You don't have to yell.

BR: Well I can't hear you!

Me: I can hear you just fine, so I still don't understand why you're yelling.

BR: There's a bad connection. Can't you hear the static?!

Me: No, but I hear an attitude.

BR: The number for catering is 123-456-7899

Me: Thank you. *click*

Okay, so before I get flamed I'd like to note that the entire time I'm speaking to this woman she sounds like she just wants to get me off her damn line. I understand she may be a switchboard operator but 1) she could've actually took the time to LISTEN to what I was saying and we probably would've ended the call faster and 2) she could've carried on the conversation with A LOT less attitude. To her credit, when I called her on it she didn't say anything and gave me the number, which I thought was at least a little more professional because most people would've tried to argue. So I was I a sucky customer or was I within my rights calling her on her attitude?
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