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O.O I'm so appaled right now.

I went to a local theatre (Weirenburg(sp?) and was asking a clerk some questions about their ticket redeption rules. He looked like he was about 17, maybe younger, and was acting totally unintrested.. I guess I should have taken a hint because suddenly the conversation took a turn for the TMI.

M: Me
C: Clerk ya'all don't do-
C: Excuse me, I have to take a shit, and I'm going to enjoy it. Excuse me.
M: *Dumbfounded*.. okay.
C: *walks off*

I was so DISTURBED that I went down the stares in complete silence and just.. had a problem picking my jaw off the floor. I walked up to the nearest (other) clerk and told him what happend. A manager was fetched, I explained, and then simply walked off to see my movie in total shock.

I mean, When has it become appropriate to tell someone so RUDELY that you have to go to the restroom?? Much LESS in your place of employment! I mean, JESUS. I don't want to hear about your bodly funtions!

I think I'm going to just WALL myself up in my room and never come out..

(P.s. Corpes Bride = Most awesome movie ever.)
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