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Ugh, I'm so pissed. About two weeks ago I was getting ready for work one morning and when I went to turn on my blow dryer it wouldn't start. I tried the reset button several times and then went to my mom's bathroom to try it. Same thing happens, I hit the reset button and nothing. Just as I'm starting to freak out that my dryer may have crapped out on me I decide to try one more outlet, I plug it into the one in my room and voila! It works. After trouble-shooting with the fuses and trying other things in the outlet my mom and I determine that both of our outlets in our bathrooms are no longer working. We rent and when we moved in the land lord provided us with the number of a handy-man we are to call if anything goes wrong.

Here's a little background on this handy-man. About 10-11 months ago my mom called him regarding a problem we were having with our vertical blinds, they were all falling out. My mom was also having a problem with some leaking in her bathroom shower. She calls the guy and he comes out to fix these problems. The leaking is fixed but he says he's going to need to replace the blinds. That was the last we heard of him until now. Admittedly we sort of forgot about it after that because the blinds weren't such a pressing matter.

So, fast forward to 2 weeks ago when the problem with the outlets originated. My mom has a home and cell number for him. After calling each one and leaving messages on his voicemail or with his family members and getting no calls back she tries again and miraculously gets him on the line.
He says he'll come out the next morning to take a look at the problem. He comes and takes a quick look at the outlets and determines that an electrician needs to fix it. He says he's going to call someone else and they will call us in the next week. We get to Wednesday (the guy came out on Friday of the previous week) and there's no call. Given this guy's track record with not returning calls my mom starts calling him. My mom leaves a message Wed. and we get no call back. She calls again on Thursday and Friday and leaves messages with some woman at his home and at his cell (we aren't even able to get voicemail because she picks up the cell phone). Today my mom calls again and speaks to the same woman's voice, she asks the woman if she gave him the messages and she says that my mother probably spoke to the daughter who may not have given the messages. She says she will let him know and he will call us today at 7pm.

It is now 10:52 pm. Did we ever get a call? NO. I wish so much that I would've remembered a little earlier and called him myself but unfortunately we had unexpected dinner guests and forgot all about it. On that same note, I know for sure he did not call us because we were home the entire time.
Tomorrow morning I am going to call him and rip him a new one. If I can't get a hold of him I'm going to call the land-lord and let her know what's going on. This is so ridiculous. It's also really annoying that I'm now having to dry my hair on the floor infront of a mirror that's propped up against the wall. Argh!!
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