A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover (kellirose1313) wrote in bad_service,
A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover

Bad/Good service at Home Depot

Today at Home Depot we too my MIL, hubby and myself to get some wood cutouts for her coffee table. (It had glass inserts but with grandkids galore we all thought wood we'd decorate and polyurethane would be much safer). We had exact measurements, found the wood very fast and then the wait began.THere was no one near the cutting saw so I found the first orange anproned employee (Joseph) and asked for help. He said he didn't work that area. No problem, can someone be paged??

exact words: Sure, go to the door back there *points down aisle to an Employees Only door* and wait, they should be out from lunch break soon.

And then he walked off. So I"m supposed to cam out a breakroom door and pounce the first person for help after I asked if a paging could be done????? WTF dude. Ok, so I ask the gentleman standing near a safety gate and he says he has to stand there until forklift guy is done. Ok, see other person (Wayne) and ask if he can page someone, explain about other two employees. He takes a walkie off his belt (like the other two people had I might add) and calls the front who issue a page overhead. First helpful person there.
So now we wait as a page finally happened, and wait and wait. After 5 minutes of nothing I use the cellphone to call 411 and get Home Depot's number. (Before you ask hubby had gone to the bathroom, MIL is using a store scooter since she's disabled, or gimped as she calls herself, and I have my cane (arthrits woohoo) since the other rider cart was broken so I can't hobble up to help desk) By this time a line had formed of people waiting for cutters. The girl who answered the phone seemed amazed I called from in the store but put me on hold to find help. Shortly thereafter Bill appears and spends another 5-10 minutes finding someone who can use the saw.
At this point a cutter is finally found after 20 minutes, 2 unhelpful employees, 3 unanswered pages and my call to the front. Now we needed one board cut into 2 2'x1' pieces. It took 3 boards to get it done right where both boards matched. Seriously, he cut the first one wrong by a quarter inch, we knew was just enough to make it not fit the table. THey don't allow rip cutting (shaving off that quarter) so he tried again. It turned out he used the larger, wrong piece to make those two so we had to do it again finally it's ok and we pay and leave.

We're definately going Lowe's next time, and yes we got compaint forms to mail into corporate. THe manager I spoke to on the phone said he'd give Joseph a talking to for what he did as well.
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