_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

I went to Wendy's. The guy who took my money was nice. The lady who gave me my food was very nice. The speed of service was excellent. But what happened? I get home, look at my burger... The meat is still pink.

WTF. So I called, and I tell the woman who answered the phone what happened. She says, "Okay???" and then just doesn't say anything else. It sounded like she wanted to say, "What's wrong with a pink hamburger?" So she called somebody else to answer the phone. I told them what happened and she said, "Well... you know... if you come back in, I can give you a new hamburger".

I don't know about y'all, but if some place gives me an uncooked burger, and I go back in to get a new one, I'm paranoid of them fucking with it. [Because I used to work at Del Taco, and people did that stuff. Big reason of why I quit]. So all I said was, "Um, no. I don't want another burger. It kind of grossed me out how it wasn't cooked. I just want a refund". "*loud sigh* Ok come in we can give you a refund bye".

This has never happened before, and I'm actually really sicked out by it. It looks like they took a hamburger patty, put it on the grill for like 20 seconds, took it off and added a bun. EHHH. Somebody told me, "Well, sometimes we "speed cook" burgers so our drive thru time is lower". I didn't know drive-thru time was an excuse for not cooking someones food all the way.
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