sweetbums (sweetbums) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service!

I ordered a textbook on Amazon. Ecampus is apparently a distributor on there so my used book came from them. Two weeks later, the book hadn't arrived and I got an email saying that they couldn't find a copy of the book to ship to me. They said they would refund the money. A week passed and there was no word of the refund. I emailed and asked them to refund me since I had already been charged on my card, and they said they would initiate the refund. I then got an email confirming the refund for $72 instead of $74. Now, I know it's only a few dollars but I was so frustrated that they sold a book they didn't have (and that it took them two weeks to tell me this) that I wrote back saying that wasn't the right amount. Today she wrote back that I was right and it was $74 and that they had made a mistake. So, be careful when ordered from ecampus on amazon.

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