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Champs, Lafayette Square, Indianapolis- I JUST WANT MY SHOES!

Hello! I've been lurking for a bit, reading and stuff. Now I am joined with you, bad_service! I will love you always. This story's not like terrifying or horrible, but it WAS EXCEEDINGLY ANNOYING!

Anyway- About a month ago, I set out one Friday on a quest for new Chucks. My old ones had started flopping, and while I enjoy covering shoes in duct tape, I'm not sure my place of employment would have looked kindly on that.

I went to several locations, oh yes, in search of these shoes. By the time I got to the Champs at Lafayette Square, I was kinda grouchy. Nobody at Circle Centre had had my shoes, and I'd been ignored at a store that may have had them. Anyway, I go into the Champs, look around, find that my Chucks are $5 cheaper here than anywhere else. I get happy. Then I try to get someone to help me.

Three kids (the oldest person, the manager, had to be 19-20, the rest were 16-19, and I'm 24 now. I can call that age kids. Even though it makes me feel old.) stare straight at me and go to help someone else... While I'm standing there, with the display shoe in my hand, looking around pointedly. I walk up to another kid and ask if I can have the shoes in an 8. He goes off, gets my shoes, I wait.

He comes back with my shoes, does the upsell thing they have to do, I say no, he takes my shoes behind the counter, because Lafayette Square has a very VERY large theft rate.

I get in line. There are two purchases ahead of me. The first guy has two pairs of shoes and about three thousand t-shirts. Second guy and his sons have all together four pairs of shoes, and.. Well, three thousand t-shirts. I don't really mind.

What I DID mind was having to wait for twenty minutes to get my freaking shoes. I was ready to walk out, except I wasn't going home without those darned shoes. The manager was on the register, and every time the phone would ring, SHE would answer it. And answering it involved turning around from the register while she dealt with the call. And twice, people she knew called. OMG.

She switches with one of the other workers midtransaction with the first guy and talks, loudly, to the person on the other end. It's very obviously a personal call from another employee- The manger's calling across the store and telling other employees what the person on the phone was saying, and crap.

So the first guy *finally* gets rung up and leaves, and then the second group comes up and the manager takes over again and starts ringing them up.. And gets a phone call. This one's shorter, but immediately after it, she starts yelling at the other workers to "look busy" if they don't have any work and kinda ignores the guy and his kids, and rings my shoes up with his stuff.

The dad points out that the Chucks aren't his and the manger goes "Are you SURE?"
The dad says yes, he's sure.
The manager yells at someone to take the Chucks back to the storage.
I go "Hey, those are my shoes."
She drops them on the counter and goes "oh." And then the phone rings, and she switches with the girl again, so that the other girl's ringing up the dad and the kids. They finish up smoothly.

So up I come, she rings up my shoes, I start to hand her my card and I see something about size 5/6 on the register, so I look at the shoes... And realize I have a women's 8, not a men's. I tell the clerk that I meant I needed a men's 8, and apologize, I'm still used to them only having men's sizes on them (I've been wearing them since second grade, the women's sizes only showed up after Converse got bought by.. Nike? or whoever it is that bought them..), and she gets the guy that got me my shoes to go back and get me a men's 8. On his way back to the room, he actually whines about me saying 8, and how he ASSUMED that I had wanted a WOMEN'S 8, because I'm a WOMAN. I feel a little bad.

He comes back and is still whining. I mean, whining like a kid who just got told to take out the trash for the fifth time. Whining like I just said that he was grounded for the next six weeks. I apologize, anyway, and say the thing about the shoes only recently having women's sizes on them, and he looks at me and goes "You SAID 8, and you're a woman."

I kinda just stared at him, and went "And *THANK YOU* for getting my shoes when I messed up and told you the WRONG SIZE." and walked back up to the register.. Where the manager is ringing up people again. She takes three minutes, seriously, to ring up a pair of shoes. One pair of shoes. Takes about a second to use that scanner, lady. Thanks.

In the end, I went home and wrote a complaint up on their little complaint card thing and sent it to them. I haven't heard anything back. Mostly I said that I witnessed and experienced the most unprofessional service I've had in just about forever. I detailed the manager's behavior more than the kid, because in my opinion, she was far more annoying than he was. I can deal with a whining little brat that thinks he's cool because he works at freaking Champs. I really can't deal with a manager that acts like the worst employee in the whole store.. I can't figure out how the fuck she even MADE management, unless she's the only one that's survived as long as she has or something.

That was my bad service. I'm here all week! You've been a great audience!
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