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Oh gods...

Originally posted on Customers Suck by accident.

Basically, I had a 62" TV that was supposed to be delivered today from Best Buy and yesterday I was told to call the store today. I call them at 11am and, after giving him the model of the TV, he goes to the back to find out what's going on, am I told that "The TV hasn't arrived to the store yet, but when it does, it'll be sent out right away for delivery." I figure ok, it's bound to show up during the afternoon sometime.

5pm rolls around. I call the store again, curious as to weather or not it's even shown up at the store yet. The person I talk to tells me that "It's on it's way" and hangs up. Now, I have no idea if it's shown up at the store and on it's way to my house, getting ready to ship out, or hasn't even arrived at the store yet. Keep in mind that this was another person entirly, and I wasn't asked for any info at all.

8pm. I call the store, and ask if the TV had been sent out, and if it had, when I could expect for it to arrive. The man asks for the TV model, goes out back, and says that it isn't back there, and that he would call the delivery guys to find out what's going on, and would call me back in 10 minutes.

8:40. I call the store, wondering what's going on with the TV. The woman tells me that she couldn't help me track down the guy who said he would call me back, but to call back after 9pm, because that's when the delivery guys stop delivering. She says to not worry about store hours, because they're there until 10:30 usually, and I'll be able to call until then.

9pm. I call and... get an automated message telling me that the store is closed, and that if I need immediate computer help, call the geek squad. At this point, I hang up and let out a long string of swear words and punch a couch cushion.

Now, I tried to be kind at all times, but I still think I may have been a sucky customer. Is what I did suckiness, or is what I did understandable? Because I was the only person at home all day, I had to cancel plans with my friends just in case they did show up. Also, if I was a sucky customer, I would like to appologize to the nice people at Best Buy for harassing them the way I did.
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