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Apple Service...meh.

Let me start out by saying I rarely have problems with Apple Tech Support. For the most part, they are helpful, considerate, and if I get the right tech they get my H2G2 jokes.

That being said, let's have Attack of the Bad Policy.

So I call 1800APLCARE as usual, last week, because I'm having problems with my OS, plus my iBook power adapter has broken, as it always does because it's a freaking design flaw. I enjoy my time with the sweet tech, who discusses Adams and Pratchett with me while things take their time about going wrong. She also puts in my power adapter request. Apple calls back after, calling my friend (because our names are mixed up in the campus phone system) and telling her that I need to hand over my MC number before they can ship out the adapter. Fair enough, I guess the tech just forgot that bit.

With one thing and another, I don't get to call until today. I get some nasally-voiced guy who makes me turn the volume down on my phone (usually up all the way because my gf is soft-spoken). He tells me, and in three years of owning this machine this is the first I've heard of it, that I need to call Apple Canada because I'm in Canada, regardless of the fact I live in the U.S. and bought the computer there. (Clarification: I go to school in Canada, but live and have citizenship in the States.) Apparently they can't ship things out to me, although they've been doing so for the last three years.

So after navigating the automated rodeo and hold music, I get to do it AGAIN with another number. Thankfully I get a tech quickly. He tells me that as long as he's been working there, this has been the policy. I told him this has never happened to me before. He's stumped, but goes on to order my power adapter, telling me also he'd never heard of the design flaw/chronic problem before. Okay, whatever, just order me the adapter. He almost gets me off the phone before I remind him, "Don't I have to give you my card number?" Yeah, I do. So we do that and I get off the phone. 5-10 business days because I live in BFN Atlantic Canada, and because this is Apple CANADA the post doesn't work on Saturdays.

Grah. So in conclusion: Apple tech support good. Apple part replacement bad. Apple switching policies on loyal customer very very bad.
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