Catie (catystorm) wrote in bad_service,

This is a long-standing annoyance with the local Dairy Queen.

My family occasionally gets treats from there and, as the youngest (and the one usually not paying), I'm sent to get the ice cream. Every time, without fail when I go through the drivethru, the clerk at the window starts handing me out blizzards without lids, or one of those cardboard carrying-cases. (Which I KNOW they have.) Now, I've ordered three blizzards and a milk shake - where the hell am I gonna put them so they don't melt all over my car? It's very obvious that I'm alone in the car, is it really that hard to at least give me a carrying-case? At least when I ask for lids/carrying cases they give them to me.

Last night took the cake, though - the lady working at the window thrust the blizzard out at me and I asked if she could please put a lid on it and give me a carrying-case? She let out this BIG sigh and went back to put lids on the blizzards. Then she started to hand them out the window to me, again without a carrying case.

I asked again for the carrying-case, and she looked at me like I'd grown a second head. "What's wrong with your cupholders? If you don't have enough just sit it on your seat!"

There was ice cream up and down the sides of all the blizzards from her putting the lids on them. No WAY they were touching my seats. I waited until she (sloooooowly) went and got a carrying case, and finally went on my way.

By the time I got home, all the blizzards were completely melted. :/

I hate Dairy Queen, but damn their ice cream is tasty.
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