Roisin Dubh (aoibhinn) wrote in bad_service,
Roisin Dubh

Bad service makes me a sad panda

So, I like to take dance classes once a week, because i get bored. I'm usually the oldest in the class, since i'm a college student, and usually in these studios they're all local girls. Well, I was taking an adult hip hop class, stress on the adult. The age range of this class is about 17 -23 (23 being me). I loved this class, totally loved it. But, there were only 4 people in it... so the woman who owns the studio (Not the instuctor of my class) decided it wasn't worth the studio space, so she merged it with the other hip hop class. The other hip hop class is girls ages 11-15. Now maybe it's just me, but I think it's rather akward to put a 6 foot tall 23 year old in a class with a 5 foot tall 11 year old.
To me, this is bad service in many ways, especially since the new class is on a night when I have class and can't go, and now I am out $40 for the month, since I went to some of my classes this month.
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