Tracy (traecrochet) wrote in bad_service,

This time, I am seriously done with Toshiba.

My newer Toshiba laptop that I got for free to replace the other one now has a bad hard drive. I called them up because I kept getting this error about windows having a corrupt file after I ran the recovery disk and they kept telling me to bring it it (from what I can understand...their accents were very thick). However, I was also talking to a friend of mine online at the time and he said if I had the Windows CD then I could probably have this fixed. However, Toshiba only gives out this stupid recovery disk that they claim to have a full version of Windows on. Anyway, I told them how disappointed I was because this is the second Toshiba laptop i've had where the hard drive has died on me in one year, and of course they didn't care. I'm not going to bother to complain because Toshiba really doesn't give a rat ass anyway and very rarely responds to complaints. Luckily it still is under warranty and I know of a Toshiba repair store not too far from me (I know them quite well actually...I brought this laptop in to have to have a part on the motherboard fixed back in March).

I'm going out and buying an iBook hopefully by the end of this week. This is coming from the girl who says she'd never get a Mac in her life. They really are just the best value for the money and I get a killer discount. I need something reliable because I'm a senior in college and have about 6 papers due between this Wednesday and next Wednesday, and I don't want to be stuck in this situation again. I'll just give the POS to my sister and let her use it until it breaks again.
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