tarnished_raven (ex_tarnishe) wrote in bad_service,

Blank Stare of Doom

So I went to the local supermarket yesterday because I needed cigarettes and some cash money. Normally, when the cigarette cashier is not doing cash-out, there's a sign on the debit machine.

I asked for the cigarettes, swiped my card and added the cash I wanted. Entered pin.

Cashier; "Oh. You want cash."

Me; "Yes?"

Cashier; "I don't have cash." *stare*

Me; "Sorry." [*I* can't void this transaction or change what I've already requested on the pinpad.]

Cashier; *Sighs. Takes receipt already printed from till and goes around the back to the manager's counter*

Me; *Waits*

Me; *Waits*

Cashier; *Comes back with money*

Me; "Sorry 'bout this."

Cashier; *stares*

Cashier; *hands me cash and receipt.*

Me; "Thank you. Sorry about this."

Cashier. *stares*

She had a sour face and a nasty stare the entire transaction. She didn't speak unless she had to either. WTF was I supposed to do? Read her damned mind and know she didn't have cash in the till? Arrggghh.

*feels better now*


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