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I'm pretty frustraited right now.

I useually don't eat Mcdonalds. Not useually. Maybe once a month. There is only one Mcdonalds within a few miles drive from my home, so I have to go to the same one.

It seems like everytime I get food there, they always mess up my drink. I always order Coke - they always give me Diet coke. Always. The one time I confrunted the drive thru girl about it, she just rolled her eyes and said "Its JUST diet, its not going to hurt you".

Well, it does. I'm allergic to nutisweet which is in all deit products (unless it says "With splenda!" on it) So the first few times that I came to the mcdonalds, got my drink and took a sip - I broke out in hives! and that was from just a sip. I don't know if I should write a letter to corperate, or what. I've contacted the local store manager about it, and all she seems to do is offer me free food. :( I don't want free food, i want mcdonalds to stop poisening me..

Thanks for letting me rant. :)
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