mighty fuck of the lands (roadsidemessiah) wrote in bad_service,
mighty fuck of the lands

My store.

Last night was not so pleasant.

:( I feel bad. My store gave bad service.

We were all kinda stressed out it was me and one other person from 10 PM - 12 AM, so I was bumping between drive thru and front, and he was working on grill/sandwiches.

Well- needless to say, the lines really built up, I lost my temper. A crew member walked in the door twenty minutes late, everybody's complaining. One lady complained that her nuggets were cold- I wanted to make her happy, but she of course, gets lippy with me. Now- Yes, I understand, you're in a hurry, but understand that I'm really trying my hardest, as is my trainee.

Anyways- I hope i turned it around in to good service, I gave all the customers in dining room free combo cards. I felt really awful that I lost my temper. I attempted to make it right, I just hope I didn't lose any customers... I was stressed out, and resentful of my manager because she would never do something like this to herself on this shift.... but she is happy to do it to me, and I know better normally than to make my mood out on customers, but I did anyways, because I reached my boiling point, and that's no excuse.

So- I gave them combo cards (Free Combo).

Argh. I shouldn't feel so bad- but I do.
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