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Last night I posted about a company who did not inform me of shipping charges, and made no apology for it. Originally, being the overly trusting person I am, I had chalked it up to a mistake on the part of the website. I will now paste every e-mail I have received from them, and the ones I sent back. This won't be super long, but long enough for a cut.

Also, I will include the name of the company now, because I know they are purposefully deceiving their customers, and it's bullshit. I will be rating them very soon to help make other Yahoo! shoppers aware of their nearly fraudulent policies.

This email is to confirm the receipt of your recent order from
LoneStarTradingCompany. If you have any questions or need status on your order
please call 1+888+883-9971. Thank you.

You can always see your order
by going

                                   Thu Aug 25 23:07:16 CDT 2005
Ship to     
                            Alisha F*******                                
       161 ****** McQueen Rd                                       
Pica**** MS 394**
                                         US United
Ship to Address
(Residence or Business)  Residence
Bill to                                 
E-Mail                                   sorro********
Via                                      Motor Freight

Code       Qty  Each 
Cut 38mm         None         1  9.99  Color = Aurora Borealis
Crystal Prism
in Aurora Borealis
                                    Tax  0.00
          Total  9.99

Note that nowhere in the e-mail does it tell me that I will be charged ANYTHING other than $9.99, and I promise that this is a DIRECT copy and paste, and the only modification was to my name, phone number and address. Nowhere in the ordering process did it inform us of any future shipping charges.

Now annoyed that a total of $19.52 has been withdrawn from my bank account, I reply with...

To Whom It May Concern,


Hello. My name is Alisha F*******. On August 25th, I placed an order for
the 38 mm Marquis cut Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystal Prism. The confirmation
e-mail (pasted below) told me that my total was $9.99. I recently took a look at
what I was charged for it, and I was instead charged $19.52. I have not yet
received the package, as I have had to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina, so I have
been unable to inspect my order (due to arrive a few days after the storm made
landfall) for any physical errors. When I placed the order, the site also
clearly told me that I was to be charged $9.99.


I would be very grateful if this matter could be investigated. I look
forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your time.


Alisha F*******

Hello, it's Kevin with Lone Star Trading Company. I hope you are
doing well and will be able to go back home soon. Alisha, the total of $19.52
was for the crystal and shipping with fed ex ground. We always charge our
customers shipping as is stated on our website.We use fed ex ground on all our
small items because we are able to track all packages sent to our customers and
receive the best shipping rate with them.  We also email our customers with the
shipping before we ship if they ask us to do so in the comment section of the
order page. If you have any other questions please let me know and thank you for
shopping with us.
Kevin Collins
Lone Star Trading Company

Right, shipping. I get that. But why was I not notified? And if it is stated on the website, how come I never saw anything related to it in the checkout process?



Thank you for the kind words and your response. I admit that I am not
pleased with your response, however. I had thought it was odd that I was only
being charged for the item that I had ordered. But as I showed you with the
attached e-mail, I was told that I would only be charged $9.99. Is it your
company's policy to not make customers aware of shipping charges? If so, I
suggest that you change it, for obvious reasons. Simply put, being told that I
was only going to be billed for $9.99 and then suddenly upping it to $19.52 is
little more than criminal activity. Also, as I stated, I never once saw a charge
on the website for the shipping when I ordered my item. I would suggest this
matter also be inspected.


At this time, I will not waste time demanding back the money your company
took without my permission. The reply you sent made clear to me that the company
has no intention of fixing this error, and that is fine. I do have to point out
that I am very disappointed, and will not likely turn to this company again for
any of my needs. Again, thank you for your time.



That might make me a candidate for customers_suck, but it's too late to worry over it now. Anyway, I got this when I signed on this morning...

Our web site states in several places, including during the order
process under the Check Out Tab and the Shipping Tab that shipping will be added
and it says if you have any questions to call our toll free number and gives the
telephone number on the screen and a link to our Info Page. The Info link which
is on the lower far left of every page of our website (Yahoo requires an Info
link from all merchants) states that we bill for shipping and it says that
shipping is not free and it has been there for more than six years. We do not
mark up shipping - we charge the customer what we are billed plus the price of
the box. I am sorry that you feel the way you do, but we have been doing this
for a long time and we have never had free shipping ever. Feel free to have us
inspected as we have done nothing wrong - they would probably find out we are
not even covering our costs of shipping. Even though you are not going to shop
with us in the future I am sending you this link just so you can see what it
says. I am sorry we disappointed you. Thanks.  http://www.,
Lone Star Trading Company
Frisco, Texas 1+888+883-9971

It's full of lies. Number one, I never once saw anything about a shipping charge. That could have been my mistake, but I am usually pretty thorough when going through the check out process. Number two, I looked at that link and sure enough... it tells you that they have no idea what the shipping will be. That is total crap. If a person has been in business for even six months, one would think they would have some possible estimate on the shipping costs. It's easy to say something like "Your shipping may be up to X dollars." But again, it's nowhere else. That's a lie in that it's only in one spot not "in several places."

Furthermore, it's pretty shady business practice to not inform the customer directly of additional charges. If somewhere down the line there had been a link to that info or maybe some notification that there were to be more fees, I wouldn't be upset. In fact, I wouldn't be annoyed at all, despite how dumb I think these people are. As you can see, there was no information about the shipping in the confirmation e-mail, either. And why do I have to read a whole mess of shit on their policy? Why not add a couple of quick sentences to prevent problems like this? Oh wait. That would make sense...

As of the moment, I am not going to bother to respond. These people have a nice, deceiving thing going for them, and I suppose it works, much to their amoralistic delights. I figured that since they treated me so poorly and purposefully skirted my issue that I'd post it here to let people know about what they do.

Cross posted to bad_service and weirdchick.
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