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Sent to CBS and its local affiliate

I arrived home this evening expecting my TiVo to have recorded the two-hour Quentin Tarantino episode of CSI. Instead, I found that it recorded what appears to be two separate episodes, and those two episodes have been incorrectly broadcast. I received one complete episode after some garbage filler that has nothing to do with CSI and the second episode was cut off, rendering it useless.

As a new fan of CSI, I had looked forward to seeing an epsiode that I had heard was excellent. I expect a network with the reputation and resources of CBS to actually broadcast the programming it advertises, on time, and to provide accurate guide data to aggregators.

This viewer is sorely disappointed.

Shows what I get for giving a first-run series on network TV an actual chance. (First time I've, literally, tried recording anything not from cable or PBS, in ... like ... years. I'd been getting reruns off SPIKE, the guys who air my Star Trek and things like that). There's a reason I watch mostly stuff off cable: they don't screw up anywhere near as often as The Big Networks. No wonder they're losing viewers. Thinking you're still the only game in town when that hasn't been true for 20 years: quick road to death. Just ask the Legacy Airlines.

EDIT: No, I don't know what they ran, I don't care. I deleted it unwatched when I discovered it wasn't what I asked for. There's reasons I got a Tivo, and one of them is that I don't have to worry about guides or when a show runs, just that it runs at the right time and is recorded correctly. It's the network/stations's responsibility to not fuck up and make sure that if they have to move a show, FIX THE GODDAMN GUIDE. If you can't do that, RUN THE SHOW. They didn't, so it's bad service, or it wouldn't be here.
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