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I had an appointment today at a technical college. I'd eatten lunch and we went down there about two hours after that (ps lunch was only soup). Another two hours later I'm talking to financial aid lady over programs and options and such. I'm getting very exhausted and slightly disoriented (for the math it was FOUR HOURS since I'd eaten SOUP).
I asked when I need to come back and she said they prefer 72 hours. In my hastiness to throw a number out there and get the hell home I said "what is that like five days".
Yes. My bad. I know it's 3 days and as a joke I threw in "how long are they making days lately?!"
The woman blunt as can be said "Are you sure you'd rather not go to Barbie School?"... obvious reference to cosmetology and somehow summing that up with air-headism and that I shouldn't be in a technical school.
Why? The only thing she needs to worry about is my paying them for their services, not calling me out as a total moron to my face and assuming that any one that goes to cosmetology is incapable of coherant thought.
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