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I get a scholarship through the government-the Governor's Scholarship. Each year we have to submit a new application and transcript for review to make sure we still qualify (grades and hours I believe)
So my funds still havent transferred despite me turning in my application and transcript MONTHS ago.
Finally I call and request a check on my status. Here is the phone call
Me-Hello, my name is blah blah, and I need to check my application status
Woman-no check
woman-Your application hasnt cleared. Wait for your acceptance letter.
I call again a week later because I KNOW its taking too long and something is wrong
Me-Hello, my name is blah blah, I sent in my application and transcript months ago and it still hasnt cleared, can I check to see if there is a problem?
woman-your application hasnt been checked
I know...is there any way to find out the problem?
woman-It hasnt cleared yet.
Me-Yes I know but...
woman-have a nice day.

I dont know what to do because I KNOW something is wrong because it would NOT take this long. So I give one final call.
Me-Hello, my name is blah blah. I sent in my application and transcript months ago and it has not cleared. Is there any way to figure out why not? (at this point, I have lost hope)
man-hmmm. You are correct, it hasnt cleared...let me forward you to Mrs. blah, she deals with these problems. **forwards**
Problem is solved within a few minutes.

I dont really blame the workers-maybe the first two ladies were not trained properly. But damn, thats frustrating and its compounded by my problems last year.

Last years fiasco
For some reason my change of address did not go through. Fine. They tell me that I cannot change it over the phone because they need my signature to change anything. Fine. They tell me to fax them. All of this is fine and understandable.
But oh no, its not that easy. I am told to fax it to their website fax. I do so. They never get it. I do so many times. They still dont get it. I call and ask if the fax number is correct. Someone tells me that their website fax hasnt been correct for months. Grrr. So they give me another fax number and swear it will work. A few weeks later and this phantom fax number never works either. They also mention that I can send a written letter. I end up writing about 10 of those...all of which mysteriously never get there. All in all, I tried at least 4 different faxes sending the information multiple times before they finally got it straight...and then they seemed to blame me. I dont remember the exact words, but they made it sound like I was at fault and not really sending the faxes. Wtf? Do they think I dont want my money??? Do they think I enjoyed calling them all the time struggling to get my information to them??? I mean, Im sure I sound obnoxious...but I really was not. I would send a fax and a letter, wait a few days, and then check to make sure it went through and it NEVER did until the final fax number.
Why all the confusion over the fax numbers anyways? I dont get it. I think they gave me one or two that werent even in service. It was like a half a year long battle just to change my freaking address.
If I wasnt so broke, I would just suck it up and lose the money honestly :(

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