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When I worked at a grocery store, frying chicken, breathing in heat. breading, and grease for six to eight (or ten) hours a day, I sometimes got in a pretty sour mood.  Especially if the customers were buying faster than I was frying, or the management was prowling around annoying us to scrub the stainless steel all the time!

But no matter what, the Number One Rule was about customer service.  Don't inflict your mood on your customers (no matter how much they inflict theirs on you.)  At my Publix, you'd get fired if you did.  Not that customers didn't often make life miserable, but the rule was the rule--and a sensible one at that.

So I got my grocery delivery this afternoon.

Delivery Guy (on phone):  Hello?
Me:  Hello? 
Delivery Guy:  (Surly)  Hello.
Me:  (checks number)  Is this Peapod?
Delivery Guy:  (Surly)  Yeah.
Me:  Er...are you downstairs?
Delivery Guy:  (Surly)  Yeah
Me:  Er...okay, I'll be right down. 
Me:  (Goes downstairs, delivery guy is still unloading his truck.)  Hi.  I'm Jocelyn S.
Delivery Guy:  (Looks at me.  No acknowledgment.  Not even a grunt.  Finishes loading boxes off truck and starts wheeling toward me.)
Me:  (Mental shrug, leads DG back into building.)  Oh, are those water packs for me?  I'll just unload them here (Water packs stacked on top of groceries I ordered for hurricane drive.)
DG:  SIIIIIIIGH!  (Lifts one 24-pack off top of cart, thunks it down by canned goods.)
Me:  (Yeah, whatever, same to you, buster.  Puts second pack down.)
Girl from Residence Life:  Thanks for those!
Me:  (Over my shoulder as I put pack down) No problem!
DG:  SIIIIGH!  (Clearly--my very existence is a waste of his time)
Me:  (Over my shoulder at RL Girl--shrug.)
RL Girl:  (Raises eyebrows at me:  what's HIS problem?)
Me:  (Leads way up to dorm room, holds doors, etc.)
DG:  (Shoves receipt and invoice at me) Sign.
Me:  (WTF is this guy's problem?!  Signs.  Does not add tip.  Has never left off a tip until now.)
DG:  SIIIIIIGH!  (Huffs out the door)

No excuse.  I don't care how bad your day's been going.  I may get cranky with friends and relatives, but they know me well enough to put up with it now and then, and in turn I do the same for them.  Never did it with customers--even if I was closer to baring my teeth at them than actually smiling, I always said "Hello, what can I do for you," etc.

I know customer service jobs are always a bear.  It takes a lot for me to reduce tip, let alone skip it.  But this guy...forget it.

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