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Cain Toyota: North Canton, OH

In hopes to save anyone the grief I've been through I thought I'd post this here (at the reccomendation of a friend). 

I bought a 2006 Toyota Solara at the beginning of August.  After a month and a half of seriously researching and test driving cars, I decided upon the Solara.  These are the problems thus far I have had:

  • I had to wait about 20 minutes to get a car salesman to help me with getting into a car to test drive it, it was raining and no one wanted to come out.  He handed me the keys and looked at my license and said see you later, no offer to ride along and sales pitch with me (I was by mysel).  When I returned, I had to ASK to see a sales book on the car.  Then I was informed to come back later if I wanted to talk about buying it (although I appreciate not being hassled some information would have been helpful).
  • After careful consideration I finally decided on the car I wanted after many builds and re-builds online and via the book and surfing dealers on the web.  I wanted the Solara SE, V6 with all of the options AND XM.  XM was the biggest deal to me, my boyfriend at the time (have since been dumped, insert violins here) had XM and I adored it and that was a bit selling point to me with the Solara.  I wanted the car in either Silver or Oceanus Pearl with Grey Cloth Interior.
  • I went into Toyota on July 30th and ordered my car exactly how I wanted it.  My salesman (a different one this time) Jim Yost shied me away from telling them to look for one with XM and that he could get it for about $200 cheaper at his cost so that route would be more efficient.  He said he'd have it installed and ready for me when I picked the car up.  He said first they would look at local dealers for my car, if they couldn't find it they would have to order one to be built from Toyota.  When told that it wasn't a dire emergency he said OK and if that was the option we had to go with that was OK.
  • Jim was on vacation for two days (Wednesday and Thursday) that following week.  I saw my car appear on their online inventory on Wednesday, I got the call that it was in on Friday.  With the last minute planning, I was only able to leave 30 minutes late from work due to a late arrival to work due to traffic.  When he called I inquired about the XM.  He stated that he had forgot and said he had other things on his mind but it would be taken care of by the time I got into the dealership.
  • I arrived at Toyota at 5:30 with my father (he was buying the car for me cash).  We get there and Jim points out the car to us and we got a glimpse of it and went in and signed all of the paperwork.  Then Jim informs me that the XM was a no-go.  He said that the installation was more involved aftermarket than he thought but that I could go down the street to a hack-shop Horizon Audio and get it for about $100.  When PUSHED to get how much it would be from their service department it was $500 to $600 for the installation on top of the part for $400. 
  • I was dissapointed but flustered, I've never bought a new car before therefore I didn't realize that even though I had signed papers I could still refuse the car.
  • We walked out to the car and got in and Jim told me the basics - where the headlights were and the radio and told me to give it the "once over" when I got home and report to him if anything was wrong.  They were closing at 6 and it was time to go.
  • Upon arrival at home (went directly home) I saw that the dash had streaks and discoloration throughout the dash.  As I had plans the next day, my Dad agreed to take the car down for me and have it looked at.  He got the car looked at and they said that it was a discoloration defect from the factory and I'd have to bring the car back in on Monday.
  • I took the car over Saturday evening to show it to my boyfriend and during HIS once-over of the car he noticed a stone chip in the hood, with silver touch up paint inside the chip, a bubble underneath the paint on the rear quarter, a scratch on the console and the visor. 
  • Monday I called Jim Yost and explained my problems which he passed off as "cosmetic" and said to bring in whenever.  I took the rest of the day off and went down to Toyota.  On my way I called the Sales Manager, Kevin Hovan because I was upset with the treatment I'd recieved.  All I wanted was an apology that my car wasn't right, and I got a "so it's cosmetic."  I got to Cain and the Service Manager, Dan Maloy, looked at the car.  Upon inspection of the chip, he told me that happens, even to new cars.  I asked him if the stone also puts touch-up paint in too.  He said that the bubble was a build up of metallic (it's UNDER the paint) and I explained it wasn't (my boyfriend's brother owns a body shop).  The only thing I could get Cain to concede to on Monday was to order a new cover for my car.  After a lot of fighting back and forth with Kevin Hovan they agreed to fix the stone chip and gave me a rental for Tuesday and asked that I leave my car and I could pick it back up on Tuesday night.  Jim Yost was checking with Custom Trim about doing a Factory Installation (NOT aftermarket) and would let Kevin know what the result was and Kevin would both let me know on Wednesday
  • I called Tuesday at 2:30 and they wouldn't release any information to me about my car.  They told me Kevin was in charge and I had to wait to talk to him.   I called again at 3:30 and they reported that he had been back to look at the car but he still hadn't called me, he would not answer the page.  I called back AGAIN at 4:30 on my way home from work and told them that I was on my way to pick up my car since they wouldn't call me back.  I finally got a call back at 5:00 from Kevin telling me that I couldn't pick my car up and I told him tough, I was.  I was DONE dealing with them by this point.  I went in and dropped off the Onion-olla (my loaner reeked of onions and I'm allergic, nightmare) and took my car.  Turns out, they mistook what day the chip guy comes in and they needed the car WEDNESDAY not TUESDAY for it to be fixed.
  • I called Toyota's Customer Service number on Wednesday morning at a loss of where else to go.  They made a complaint and a record number and said the manager would be calling within three days.  
  • By Wednesday the following week I still hadn't heard anything so I called back to discover that Dan Maloy had CANCELLED out my complaint stating I had LEFT HAPPY and the CHIP WAS FIXED!!!!!!!!  They also stated that I REFUSED to pay for XM, that was why I did not get it.  Needless to say I reported the TRUTH and was told that it was a "dealer issue" and Toyota wasn't getting involved and their advice would be to get a lawyer.
  • During this period of time I'd made MANY complaints to everyone I know about the problems I'd encountered with Cain Toyota.  I happened to complain to the right people, someone knew the owners and told them about it and I was told to call in.  I called in and left a message to Brian Cain.  Brian Cain finally called back two days later and got the ball moving and was completely empathetic to me and stated he wanted to make things right.  He scheduled a day for me to come in and he was going to look at everything AND have the XM installed by Custom Trim for $285 my cost.  I dropped my car off and picked up another loaner.
  • I got the call the day I took it in and Brian reported that the chip was unable to be fixed without being a bigger blemish due to the fact they had already put touchup paint in it and the color (silver) was hard to blend.  He offered up a deal, I pay for 50% of the 285, they would cover the rest.  I agreed that that was agreeable and was scheduled to pick up my car that evening.  I arrived and got my keys and they said everything was in working order.  I got to my car and my stomach hit the cement when I saw that the XM that was installed was an aftermarket until, NOT the factory unit I was anticipating.  Furthermore, it didn't work and now my antenna didn't work for my radio again.  Instead of pulling OUT of the lot I pulled into the service bay and upon inspection was told that Custom Trim had broke a module when putting it all back together and they'd need it another day.  I left with the rental car AGAIN.
  • I called and left a voicemail for Brian Cain in the morning stating I had questions and wanted a call back, in the meantime my car was fixed and they brought it back to me at work.  After consulting with the FORMER boyfriend *cough* he said not to accept it if I wasn't happy with it - so I didn't.  In came the call an hour later from Dan Maloy whom said it was Brian's deal and I had to wait for him.  Brian finally called back with a major attitude and I explained my problems.  He finally said he'd look into the matter of if I was told before that Custom Trim would be doing a factory install and would call me back.  Finally 3 hours later he called back and stated that they did and they would eat the cost of a factory install of the XM and they ordered the parts and would be in the following week.  He would be on vacation so Dan would be in charge.  Dan called on Thursday and set up my appointment for Monday. 
  • I had to go in late to work on Monday to drop off the car which was told to me would PROBABLY be Tuesday before I got it back.  About 2 Dan called and said he'd just called "them" and they said that they were taking their time with the car to make sure it was perfect (who the hell are they I wondered... I was told THEIR service dept was taking care of it this time) so I wouldn't see the car until Tuesday. 
  • At 3 I got a call from the former boyfriend whom said my car was on its way.  I asked what he was talking about and he said that he passed it on the highway - about 20 miles NORTH of the dealer, on the way to my work.  I said they had just told me it wasn't ready.  He said it was my car and rattled off the plate which is mine.  Even better... so I left work early and went down to Cain.  They said that Custom Trim was doing the entire install and uninstallation of the old system and a bunch more BS.  My only problem was that at 2 they were "taking their time working on it" when clearly they hadn't picked it up yet, he then countered with the fact they didn't have anyone to drive it up there (then why did I have to bring it in and why wasn't that scheduled? I had to miss work for that) and they finally had to send someone down.  I asked for Brian but he refused to see me.
  • The car is "done" now and I'm supposed to pick it up tonight.  Any bets it's still not right?
Edit: I got the car back and it is all in working order and now the XM runs through my head unit like I originally wanted! It works (gasp) and the only complaint I have is the factory satellite antenna is UGLY! Oh well! THANK GOD is all I can say!
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