Eric (kingeryck) wrote in bad_service,

Hi, this is my first post here. I just had an awful customer experience.

I ordered a tongue retainer piercing for my girlfriend from The order came to $9 for the ring and 5$ for shipping, $14 total. I tried paying them via the web form with my debit card, it wouldn't go thru. Then I paid them with pay-pay.
I accidentally sent them $15.00 instead of $14.00. I get the ring in the mail, it said shipping was 3.50. I paid $5. I was a little irritated. Then I realized I overpaid a dollar and they kept it. So I e-mailed them:

>I bought a quartz retainer from you, which I received
> today. The package said shipping was $3.50. You
> charged me 5$. Also, double checking the prices, I
> e-mailed you 15$ via Pay-pal, and the order only came
> to 14$. No one e-mailed me telling me I overpaid.
> There wasn't a 1$ refund on my Pay-pal account either.
> Were you just going to pocket it and hope I didn't
> notice? Yes, it's one dollar, but it's the principal.
> One dollar, or ten dollars, someone should have
> noticed, e-mailed me, and sent a refund to my Pay-pal
> account. These issues need to be resolved
> immediately. Thank you.

and their response was:

Acutally Eric, the shipping cost for us it $3.85
there is a thing that all companies charge called handling, ever hear
of it?
shipping/handleing? the $1.15 is the handling charge added into the
it helps cover the cost of labor to package up your order, help pay for
packing materials (bubble wrap, boxes, tape etc.), labor/time to print
shipping lable, dowload the payment/run CC, Ink for the printer, paper,
lables, gas to drive the package to the Post office (which is a good
distance away and gas isnt cheap anymore).

if i were to add up all these costs it would be way over $1.15 per
so your getting off quite cheap...most companies charge $3-4 for
you just dont see it cause you dont always see the actual shipping
even our retail people pay handling charge. you think the person
your order together and shippping it works for free. hell no.
costs money.

And i paypaled you your $ i wasnt trying to pocket the $1, i
even realize you over paid. we process so many orders every day we can
hardly keep up, let alone keep them in our head. and YOU were the one
sending me the paypal...all you had to do was look at the recipet you
emailed and sent me that amount. it wasnt like i overcharged your CC.
this was your fault not mine.

thank you for wasting my time to have to explain this to you. (your the
one in 7 years to ever say this)

Glasswear Studios, Inc

Do you think this kind of response was warranted? Am I supposed to know the in's and out's of the shipping industry? Should I be treated like an idiot? I have never experienced customer service like that before. This is from the "PRESIDENT" of the company. I'm 'wasting his time' with my business? Fine, I'll shop else where from now on and stop wasting his time!

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