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bad service with a good service ending.

So, when you notice that one of your tires is looking a little low, and you check it with the gauge and discover it's at only 15 psi when it ought to be 35... shouldn't take you an hour and making the rounds of FOUR SEPARATE BUSINESSES to find a working air pump to refill the tire.

First gas station I went to had an out of order sign on the pump. The second ate my 50 cents and didn't put in any air—I was so fried that that's when I noticed the little lever to open the valve was missing. I waited five minutes for the attendant to come look and said fuck it.

At the third, a commercial fuel station with no attendant, the (free) air pump actually BLED my tire to 10 psi, and after checking with another customer who'd been using the pump, I confirmed that it wasn't me—the thing was busted.

Finally, I went to a tire store/auto shop. They were probably technically closed, but their front door was still open and when I asked, one of them volunteered to see if the air compressor had any juice left in it. It did, and he kindly reinflated my tire to the proper pressure.

Four stops. Three gas stations within two blocks of each other, NONE of them with a working air pump.

Now I get to check it obsessively over the next few days to see if that tire has a slow leak. All four tires were new all-weather radials from CostCo last winter, after I finally replaced the balding set I'd had since 2000. That'll be a whole new annoyance, since I work 35 miles from the places I usually get these things done.

OTOH, the guys at the tire store seemed nice enough, and had that air of competence that makes a person suspect they might know what they're doing. Maybe I'll go there.
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