. (tactical_psych) wrote in bad_service,

PC=Publix Cashier

Prepping for party. Buying Amber Bock, ice, Li'l Smokies. Chatting with cute friend and we're both in our party clothes.

PC: *scans beer* "I need to see your ID, you don't look old enough." Said with smarty-pants attitude.
Me: *shows ID, keeps talking*
PC: "$x.xx"
Me: *scans credit card, pulls ID back out for comparison and holds both out*
PC: *again with the smarty-pants* "I done seen it, how many times you wanna show it to me?"

She thought she was being cute. Honey, my almost-30-year-old @$$ isn't inconvenienced by showing you my ID, don't think you're ruining my day. And I'm just doing my part to cut down on identity theft, 'kay? Be "cute" on your personal time. Now you're just being sassy.
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