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More Burger King woes

I posted a while back about a Burger King I rarely go to that had a rather mentally-slow cashier and her lazyass coworkers. Well yesterday, I was on my own for dinner again, so I called my brother from work and found out what he wanted, and stopped in at Burger King on the way home. Got my food to go, came home, and distributed the goodies...only to find out that my tendergrill chicken sandwich had the SMALLEST tomato slice I've ever seen on it. The thing was the size of a quarter, seriously, and compared to the hand-sized was just ridiculous. They gave me a TINY slice of tomato, and only ONE. If I made that sandwich and saw the tomato was that small, I'd give the person a different one, or another one of a similar size.

Fortunately the Burger King I usually go to, though farther away, is on the way to college and has much better service than the other one. They have yet to do something I can complain about.
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