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Yesterday rained all day...makes for a bad mood when you have a bunch of errands to run.Anyway just before going home I stopped off at McDonalds drive thru for breakfast. They have no intercom system at this one... you have to go to the window to order.

I pulled up to the window....unrolled my car window and said "Good morning..can I get......"
The young guy working the window cuts me off "mumbles" I said "Excuse me?" He says "Next window."
Me? o.0 so I drive up to the next window and no one is there! I wait a minute or more and drive up to
the last window. By this time I noticed a van had paid for their purchase at the first window. I think WTF?

The window opens and this girl goes to had me a bag. (should have took it and drove off.) But I told her "that's not mine." I said "I was told to drive to the next window and no one was there, so now I'm here. Can I order?" Another cashier is overlooking the conversation and asks "How did you want to pay?"
I said "With my debit card." He said "We can't take debit at this window.." I was pissed by then and just drove off....

I parked the car and went inside. The counter staff were still talking about me. This pissed me off even more. This mousy girl asks me if she can take my order.

MG: Good morning can I take your order?
Me: Yes, can I speak to the manager?
MG: I am a manager, can I help you?
ME: Yeah, can you explain to me why I go thru drive thru and get told to go to the next window where no one is working then proceed to pickup window and get told I cannot pay debit at that window.
(which did have a card scanner right there!)

MG: Ummm yeah, I'm not sure what the problem was there.
ME: Fine! I want.......

Mousy girl takes order, then goes over to fat assed manager hiding behind grill. She returns with order and coupons for free Big Macs. She apologized for the mix up. I said thank you and left.

I didn't expect or want anything free. I just wanted them to get their shit together! Can you imagine if I would have just taken that other order and left? LOL Someone would have got chewed out for that one.
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