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Occasionally I like to go out by myself. I have dinner, sit around and read a book, and generally enjoy being alone. It's great when living with people at college constantly gets overwhelming.

Last year, I visited the local Pizzeria Uno. I can't quite recall what night of the week it was, but I don't THINK it was a weekend. Most likely a Sunday, if it was. When asked how many, I said 1, and it was as if I'd said something completely incomprehensible. They seated me at the bar, and while I had a wonderful waiter/bartender, I was still a bit annoyed at the initial reaction. It just seemed like they didn't understand why the hell I'd be there alone.

This time, I needed some meat, because I've been living on rice and pasta and other non-meat items at the dining hall. So I went to Outback for a steak. The contrast was amazing! I arrived at a pretty crazy older woman was leaving via ambulance and everyone was rather wrapped up in making sure she was OK, but I still got seated pretty promptly. My waitress was amazing, and seemed to enjoy the fact that I was there on my own. It's not something people do much of in the middle of upstate NY. What can I say? I'm a city kid. Or I should be.

So if you are ever in New Hartford, NY, and you want to go out alone without the weird looks, don't go to Pizzeria Uno. But if you do, sit at the bar. Otherwise, Outback is the better bet. :-D
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