Whorf's Attack Dog (imnotsatan) wrote in bad_service,
Whorf's Attack Dog

Bad Service (?)

So, the Walmart in my town (Oxford, MS) hasn't been able to process debit cards since Katrina. Bad service? No. But I think the way they've been handling it sucks. There's no sign anywhere to alert you to the fact that they can't take debit. Instead, the typical transaction goes like this (at least with the cashiers I've had the two times I've been through lately):

Me: ::blissfully unaware, swipes card::
Cashier: Hit cancel.
Me: ::looks at her suspiciously::
Cashier: Hit cancel, and swipe your card again. Then hit cancel and hit the button for credit. No debit.
Me: ...kay.

This would be no big deal if I ever used credit at Walmart, but I don't. For all I know, the cancel button sends my pin number to Sam Walton's daughter with a lovely note saying "Have fun!" The first cashier didn't even tell me why they weren't taking debit. Cause you don't love me anymore? Cause my bank has gone hippie and banned Walmart? I know this seems like practically nothing, but I think I had the right to be at least a little paranoid. And it seems like by not warning customers in advance, they're just setting themselves up for sucky ones. I sort of accepted it and moved on, but my roommate, who's more than a little OCD about her cards, freaked out.

So, bad service, or paranoid customer?
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