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This deal is only after 4PM, but you won't know that unless you ask...

One of the regular specials where I live at subway is 3 subs for $11.99. This particular place that I visit has this special on and off, every other month. I've come in to get them at noon, I've come in at 5PM, 7PM, etc. I always get the 3 for $11.99 sub deal.

Underneath the subway sign they have the board where you can arrange the letters. The board said (and this is important):

"3 subs for $11.99." That is all. There are 2 blank lines to write more, if needed.

So at 1PM, grandmother and I march into store to get subs.

We tell the woman at the counter what we want and she tells us that the deal does not start until 4PM. There are no signs indicating this anywhere, nor is it on the board outside. When we look mystified, the woman behind the counter says in this condescending voice "the sign doesn't say that it's all day, you know?"

It could just be because I've had a bad day, but normally things like that don't bother me - they did today though.

I didn't yell at her or fuss or anything, in fact neither grandmother nor I said anything until we left.

It's probably not bad_service in the way that most people in this comm get it, but... *sighs* Couldn't they at least put a handmade sign up on the door? Or change the board outside? It would probably save a lot of trouble, because usually when there's a $2 for whatever deal, people assume it doesn't exclude holidays/weekends/certain hours of the day.
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