mylastone (mylastone) wrote in bad_service,

Toys R Us

I've never had bad service at my local Toys-R-Us except for yesterday.

I went in for a specific toy to buy. I go to the registers and there's only one register light on but no cashier. So I go up to that register and set my item down and look around. My cashier is on the phone a few feet over at the side of the customer service. She looks at me and turns her back to me and continues talking. Ok. I wait. I wait. I wait some more. Now I'm fed up because there is NO ONE else around. I'm about to walk out when she hangs up the phone and saunters over the the cash register. "I was on the phone with my mom.", she tells me. I say nothing because really I could care less. She apparently didn't like that I was not understanding. She rings up my item, literally chucks it into the bag and slams it on the counter. Then she stands there. No your total is, no nothing. She sees I have a credit card in my hand so she points at the credit card machine. I guess I can read the total myself. Once it goes through she puts my receipt on the counter (while my hand is out waiting for it) and walks back over to the phone. Oh I definitely wrote a letter.
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