Learn It. Live It. Love It. (cindel) wrote in bad_service,
Learn It. Live It. Love It.

Bad Service Maybe

I had a job interview at a local library however I've decided not to go. I may regret it later but at this point the situation leading it up left a bad taste. For the past few days, I've been recieving phone calls from the same number but no messages. My phone is equipped with both voice and TTY (Communication device for the Deaf). It's was getting to a point where I was getting calls twice a day until yesterday, they finally left a message.

Why would a potential employer called and not leave messages? I called them back several times; 1: the person was out to lunch, 2: she was in a meeting, 3: the person hung up on me, 4: I finally got through and I told her that I recieved calls from the library but did not get any messages. She pointed out that she didn't have the time to leave messages and wanted to speak to me directly. Oh? hmmmmm
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