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A little backstory-

My debit card was stolen about a month ago. I have also recently moved, and because my bank can't quite seem to figure out that I want everything, yes, everything, sent to my new address, it is taking a long time for my new debit card to make it through the forwarding process. So, for the last month, I've been using checks where I can, and I'm mindful to get cash back where I can if I'm low or running out since many places that accept debit won't accept a check.

The gas station that I frequent has the machines that run your check like debit, thus they offer a cash back option. So, as long as I'm there anyway, I've been getting cash back with my purchaces. Granted, I don't abuse it by buying a soda then writing a check for cash back, I'm always at least buying a few packs of smokes along with a redbull or two, if not a tank of gas to go with it. If I don't need anything from the gas station, I'll go to the bank. Furthermore, all of the clerks that work there have gotten to know me since I frequent that gas station, most of them even know my regular brand of smokes, and I've made it a point to let them know that my debit card was stolen and this was a temporary situation -- to which most of them now ask how much cash back I'd like.

Tonight a friend wanted to grab a bite to eat after I got off of work, but I had spent the last of my cash on my lunch. So, she offered to front me, and since I needed gas anyway I told her to follow me to the gas station and I'd pay her back after I got gas and cigerettes. Without the cash back this was a $50 purchace.

I fill up my tank, walk in, grab my soda, go to the counter, request my brand of cigerettes, hand the clerk my check, and request $25 cash back. This shouldn't have suprised her, as she has waited on me before.

I then made what I thought was a simple request. This is the first time I've ever requested my cash back a certian way, and it was because I owed said friend for my half of our meal. "Can I please have two tens and a five instead of a twenty and a five?"

She huffed. She sighed. She rolled her eyes, and popped her gum, and grumbled "Only if I have it".

I was a little taken aback, but I have definitely been in situations in my retail days where people requested change that I didn't have in a situation where I wouldn't easily be able to get more for my drawer, so I smiled anyway and said "Well anything smaller than a twenty will work if you have it. If not, that's okay."

Her drawer opens. The stacks of tens and fives were absolutely overflowing. Unless this girl was completely braindead, there is no possible way she didn't know she had enough change.

She hands me a twenty, and a five.

Friend and I exchange glances.

I say "Excuse me, but I see that you have plenty of change, could I please have tens or fives instead?"

She rolls her eyes again, pops her gum some more, then *slams* open her drawer (it hadn't closed all the way yet, she was pulling it back open) with such force that change actually flew out of it. She snatches the 20 out of my hand, and throws two tens on the counter. She then slams her drawer shut.

I mean, I kind of feel like a customers_suck story waiting to happen with my frequent cash back requests (about twice a week), but I try not to abuse it as I realize the gas station is not the bank, and everyone else has been understanding if not completely sympathetic as I'm also fighting fradulent charges. I'm always polite, and if there is a line behind me, I will often let people go first as checks take a little longer, whether you want cash back or not.

Furthermore, this is the first time I've been there when this girl was working alone. She's always been quiet, but never rude in the presence of coworkers, but when we left my friend informed me that her attitude is usually that poor when she's alone at night.

This is completely unlike me, but since this is a family owned station, and one that I am more than loyal to and have come to expect service that has always been above and beyond, (I *heart* all of the other clerks there) I think I am going to complain. What do you think?
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