lauren_is_me (lauren_is_me) wrote in bad_service,

Ok so this isnt bad service but i felt the need to share because it was quiet wierd and actually funny. I went to wendys tonight for my mom and I and upon arriving to the window the person on the speaker spoke like this... " *in monotone and very slow* thank you for wendys...would you like to try...a combo..." now at first I was like hmm well either this person really doesn't like there job or they might have had a disabilty which I have seen with some people some I didn't think too much of it. Now when I ordered my food I asked for the sour cream and chive baked potatoe as my side, and the person on the speaker told me they were out. So that was no biggie I didn't mind so I go up to pay and the guy who talked very slow on the speaker, was talking faster when I got to the window, and I knew it was the same guy he was the only one with a headset. I ask him if I could please have salt and ketchup in my bag and he said they were all out...I gave him a look like uhhh ok and he the laughed and said he was kidding so then I had to laugh too because he really had me going there. But now here is the wierd/funny part, I come home take the food out of the bag and find some sour cream in the bag. I proceed to pull out the burgers and find a baked potatoe sitting in the bottom! So I laughed because I actually got the side dish I wanted but I also found it wierd that he told me they didn't have any but there lies a potatoe in my bag lol. Makes me think he was pullin my leg that time too..
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