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three stories

Just little tidbits...

Went to IHOP last week while on vacation. The waitress took our order and repeated everything back to us (so we knew she got our order right) but then she forgot various small things on our order: one friends coffee and toast, and anothers glass of water which she needed to take medication. While in the middle of telling her about the missing water, she walked away before we could finish what was being said and ask for the coffee. When she brought the water, we started to tell her about the missing coffee and she walked away again! There was not even a chance to get her to stop. Meanwhile, my boyfriend wanted an extra plate (so we could share our meals) which he had intended on and tried asking for at the same time as the water and coffee. The waitress came back with the coffee and my boyfriend asked if he could "please" get an extra plate. The waitress rolled her eyes at him, gave him a dirty look and went to get it. We never did ask about the toast because we forgot about it by this point. Honestly, the restaurant was 90 percent empty and there was another waitress working so it's not like this chick seemed crazy busy. I am usually a good tipper but my friends insisted we only leave her $2 on a $38 check. Basically we dropped four $10 bills ($40) and left. I was so mortified cause I have never left a small tip but I was really annoyed that she forgot so much and then had an attitude because she wasn't doing the job right. We never even looked to see if the toast was on the bill either so she may have charged us for food we never got.

My friend had to get a prescription filled last week. They told her to come back in 45 minutes. She did, only to find out the pharmacy had given her prescription AND healthcare card to someone else. Luckily, they rectified the situation by calling all the customers they had who came in and finding out who had her stuff. They did send someone to pick the stuff up however and gave her $10 off the prescription price.

Not so much sucky service as scary. Took a cab home from a party on Sunday night and the driver was crazy. The boyfriend and I were in the middle of a convo when he butts in to talk about Katrina and also the December tsunami. We were ok with that. But then the driver started talking about electrical surges in the body and how some people can't handle that they make you want to kill. He was making us quite nervous AND he was driving faster than we would have liked. I took the first opportunity I could to change the subject and became deeply engrossed in it with the boyfriend so that the guy couldn't butt in again. Luckily he didn't. When we got out of the car, my boy and I just stared at eachother in shock.
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