creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Pizza Attack!

I came into work tonight craving a pizza. There is a pizza place (Polo Loco) a couple blocks from here. I have never been there so I wandered over to get a take out menu before my shift started.

A couple hours into my shift I call and order a pizza. The raspy voiced man on the other end took the order and told me "15 minutes" after I told him I would pick it up. Then he hung up on me...not even asking for a name or number. Whatever.

I go and pick up the pizza and I see the cook through the door making pizzas. No one else is around so I stand there and wait...staring at this guy until he finally looks at me and looks away. I stand a few more minutes then I walk out into the lounge area and see only one employee waiting on a bunch of people at the bar. I go back inside the takeout area and wait for the guy in the kitchen. A few more minutes pass and he comes to see what I want. I could tell it was the same man who took the order by the raspy voice. I told him the order and he nods and goes back into the kitchen. I see him pack up my pizza and he returns mumbling the total. I take out 20 bucks and tell him I would like the 2L diet coke. He gives me this weird look. I hold up the menu and point to the 2L free coke with order over $17.00 and say "don't I get this free coke?"
He gives me a look of disdain and grunts as he gets the pop. I'm thinking why advertise it if its such an effort? I was even nice enough to give the ass a 10% tip.
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