lauren_is_me (lauren_is_me) wrote in bad_service,

So I went to aeropastle yesterday to use the last 21 dollars on my gift card and heres what happened..ive decided to do it in the form of a letter :)



I was very pleased with your service until I gave you my gift card to pay off half of my purchase with, thats when you became a meanie.  You swiped my card several times and it didn't go through so you asked if there was even money on there. When I say "yeah i think like 20 or 21 dollars" please do not roll your eyes at me, you asked the question and I am answering you.  I have worked retail myself and I know that sometimes when someone has had a gift card for many months such as myself, it takes a few times for it to go through.  When you then called the number to check that balance and see that I do in fact have $21.17 left on my card, why are you refusing to let me use it!?!?  When someone hands you a card and they know and you know there is money on it, you cannot refuse to let me use it just because its not swiping.  And when I ask you that Ide like to speak to someone else, and you swiped it one more time and it went through, I hope you felt silly.  Because you also made me feel embarassed infront of several people because the line was starting to get impatient and one lady even said I probably didn't have money on it and that I was a stupid teenager.  I hope you felt really stupid afterwards, and I hope it hits you later that gee maybe you shouldn't have refused a payment from me and feel bad about it, because you made my day a real unpleasent one.  Oh and your lucky I'm not complaining about you, you work in a mall an hour away from me and your not worth my time.

                                                                                                                                     No love,

                                                                                                                                          A avid Aeropastle fan.



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