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It doesn't exist!! Or does it?

This transpired a few minutes ago.

MY FIANCE (D): "Hi, I'd like to get the accompanment CD for the song 'Your Love is Extravagant.'" (That is, a CD with the music only, no words; kind of like kareoke.)

CLERK AT THE BIBLE STORE: "There is no such thing. They don't make an accompaniment CD for that song."
D: "OK."

D (calls me to explain sitation)

(I quickly look it up on a Christian web site and stare right at it, telling her it's available and in stock, and I'm ordering it right now.)

D: "Are you sure they don't make it?"

CLERK: "Nope, they sure don't."

D: "Hmm. Well, that's interesting, because my fiancé just found it online from a mail order dealer."

CLERK: "You know what, maybe they do make it. Let me look."

D: "Nope, you already told me they don't exist. I'll have him just order it from the nationally known reputable mail order dealer. Bye."

CLERK: "We have it for less, here!"

D: "Too late. He already ordered it."

You know, clerk, if you don't want to help somebody, at least just be honest and say you're too lazy to walk over to the CD shelf and look yourself, then look in the computer to order it from the very same wholesaler that the mail order dealer uses.
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