. (tactical_psych) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Large Wal-mart Cashier Boy,

You couldn't possibly be any slower if you were swimming in a rip current. You were taking forever and I told you so. It's your "fourth day"? I haven't worked retail in eleven years but I could move three times that fast, completely fatigued and anemic! Job tenure is no excuse for lack of mobility. Oh, and don't ask us if we've seen any good movies lately. You're not cutting hair. Scan the beans.

P.S. Somehow you were told not to pack "chemicals" (i.e. cat litter deodorizer) with food items, yet there sat the bleach in the bag with the Pringles can. Good luck on your fifth day.

Dear Wal-mart Management:

When did it become acceptable to spend thirty minutes in a checkout lane on a Monday night - or any night? Are you somehow losing profit in your megabazillionaire galaxy empire so that you can't equate manhours with revenue? Or is this just the norm nowadays - we must sacrifice time to save money? I missed that press release. It must also be your corporate credo to provide one screaming toddler for every fifty square feet of floor space, as there is never a time that I don't hear one no matter where I am in the store. You have turned into K-mart.

Dear Publix:

Here we come. Please start selling generic brands of all the household products we like to buy.
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