Jess D'A (jess2002far) wrote in bad_service,
Jess D'A

Fuck you AAA!

Ok. My brake line in my car is leaking so I need to have my car towed to the shop to have it fixed.

I called today when I got home from work around 2 (I have a rental). The girl who took my call put me on hold for a good 5 minutes before taking my information. She said there was a problem with the computer. Whatever, it's not her fault, these things happen.

She told me the tow truck would be at my house between the time of the call (2pm) and 4pm. 4:30 came and went with no call and since the shop I take my car to closes at 5, I needed to know if the drivers felt like swinging by and doing their job.

I originally thought she said 4:30 so I wanted until 4:40 to call and ask where they were. The guy I talked to said he would get in contact with the dispatcher to find out where the truck was, then the dispatcher would call me within 5 minutes to tell me how much longer the wait would be.

20 minutes come and go and I get no call. At this point, the shop is closed and I can't drop the car off until the next morning. The next woman I got on the phone sounded like she was just ready to go home. Fair enough, I get that way too sometimes, but I hold it the fuck in and get through my day. This girl sounded annoyed for the two whole minutes she had to talk to me. She didn't offer any explanation as to why the truck hadn't shown up in the TWO HOURS they had to get here, and she didn't explain why I never got the call from the dispatcher explaining where the tow truck was. I told her the shop I needed to be towed to was already closed so she might as well just cancel the whole thing. She responded "Fine, thanks for calling triple A."

Thanks for all your help triple A. *headdesk*
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