Fortune's Last Cookie (diasphora) wrote in bad_service,
Fortune's Last Cookie

From the other end of the service.

I would like to extend a hearty 'thanks' to whichever cook it was who apparently ignored or forgot my specific instructions--SPECIFIC, both said and written-- to leave water chestnuts off of 303's Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, thus causing the lady to have to go get sick in the bathroom and possibly go to the emergency room, and most likely never come back to PF Chang's. She was a nice lady, too, and even though their whole bill got comped, they still left me six bucks.

Thank you so much for fucking that up! Thank you so much for causing me to be the face of shitty service to someone who was probably looking forward to having a good day.


Seriously, though. I've never been so simultaneously pissed off AND flabbergasted in a long time. HOW do you fuck that up? How? I went up to three different chefs, and even one of them later admitted that I definitely said 'Does Shrimp with Lobster Sauce have water chestnuts? ..... Yes? Okay, LEAVE THEM OFF. No water chestnuts there. She's allergic!' Their reply: "Okay!"

So...what. Did we just decide that Robyn was a moron, didn't know what was best for the table, and think, 'Shit, that woman'll LOVE water chestnuts!'

And it was not busy. Day after a holiday is always slow. That couldn't possibly be what it was.

UGHGHGHGH I could type a million 'mean' things right now, but they all lead back to the same question: HOW could you forget so quickly, five seconds after you said, 'Okay, no water chestnuts,' and then put in the exact offending item into the dish?

That makes it look like the restaurant is incapable of leaving out ingredients, which they emphatically are not. And I have never had a specified allergen dropped into the dish before this instance. Never. Why? Because it's NOT HARD, IS IT?

Was today just 'a bad day?' Well, poor you. Because of your 'Oops!', this woman might have to go to ER. (Though I hope not. She seemed okay after her trip to the toilet and was eating more Wonton Soup--easily made without water chestnuts when we found she was allergic--and mentioned they were going to a movie afterward. So yes, I hope she's okay.

Ultimate bad service. GAH I could kill right now.
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