earthendenim (earthendenim) wrote in bad_service,

Once upon a McDonalds...

Irritation under the Golden Arches

It's around 9 at night, I'm on the way to the boyfriend's house, and I stop to grab some McD's chicken nuggets. mmmmmm......

Pull up in line and there's one person at the front window, one paying, one at the speaker, and me.

I pull up to the speaker and ask for my #11, pull up to just behind the payment window...and we're all stopped. for nearly TEN minutes.

so i'm cool with this, wish they'd ask whomever is holding up the line to move up, but I know how it can be later in the evening, so I spend the time wisely, rearranging all the crap on the floor of the front seat to the floor of the back seat, and finally I can move up to pay.

I move up, holding $4.25 (the total was $4.24) and the girl there looks at me and walks away from the window without opening it. After about 2 minutes, she comes back and takes my money, and I wait another full minute for her to process my penny change.

(Note: I sometimes leave the penny, sometimes take it, but for some reason, once I start waiting for the penny, I have to keep waiting for the penny, no matter how stupid I feel. Does that make any sense?)

Anyhow, so by now everyone in front of me has cleared out of the way, and as I let off the brake to move forward and collect the food I've been waiting for, the chick at the next window is holding the bag out the window and bouncing it impatiently, which for some reason irritated the hell out of me. I mean, I guess it was kinda cute (y'know, I can do a "grab and run") but I also had to get the drink, and don't hold my food out the window!!!!!

So I do the fry check. I know that there's a chance that my fries will have been cooling their heels (so to speak) under the heat lamp for longer than I've been driving to get there, so I taste one, and sure enough they're room temp and stale-tasting. OK, no big deal, I'll pull over, run in and get fries from the next batch they're making.

They hadn't started a new batch, and didn't until after I asked. So, I'm waiting there for my fries ("That'll be 3 minutes? OK?") and the girl on window (the one who held my food out, damn her) turned to me and asked if I had been helped. Before I could respond, the manager who had taken my old, cold, stale fries said, in a snotty tone, "She's just waiting for a medium fry, because she wasn't happy with the ones we gave her [emphasis added]".


So, the fries come out, and I see that she's getting a large carton instead of a medium, and I'm thinking, okay, she's trying to make this right, I appreciate it, and then she pulls the fries out and doesn't salt them, puts them in the new container and gives 'em to me.

::dies a little::

By now, of course, my nuggets are no longer warm but I'm hungry and want to get to my boyfriend's so I snerk quietly to myself as i grab a salt packet and head out the door.

I know she was trying to do the right thing for me, but she said something snotty about me while I was standing there, and I don't know why the holding-the-bag-out-the-window pisses me off so much, but it had my eyeballs spinning.

I also wondered, having seen that the gasoline prices have come back down about 20-30 cents:
Is the government playing some kind of trippy mind game? We were all up in arms about gas being around $2.70 here (and yes, I know it's higher in many places, but just apply these numbers to wherever you live), and with Katrina the prices all jumped to nearly $3.40, and now they've come down quite a ways. Do they think we're dumb enough to be totally grateful about that price-gouging, or the fact that gas still costs way more than I can afford, and of course the lovely fact that mass transit is NOT and OPTION when you live in the fekkin MOTOR CITY!!
okay, i'm done
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